The café was almost empty, but I saw an elderly black man sitting alone. I was almost certain he was my blues idol. After some hesitation, I gained courage and walked to his table. The big man looked at me and smiled. I asked, “Sir, are you Howlin’ Wolf?” He nodded and said, “Yeah, they call me 'Wolf '.” When I mentioned that I was a musician, he growled, “Hey, man, have a seat!” Howlin’ Wolf and I had breakfast together.

I didn't know how to address this living legend. “Mr. Wolf” or his birth name Chester (Burnett) were out of the question, so I just called him “Sir.” I told him I'd been listening to his records since I was a kid and that his music was a major influence on my life. When I mentioned that I loved the blues, Wolf said, “The blues been good to me! The blues helped me make a good living.” He also said that his piano player had left the band and flown off to Alaska. (If the piano player had quit Wolf in the middle of a gig, Alaska would have been a good place to hide. Wolf was a big man, six foot six, weighed close to three-hundred pounds and was known to have a bad temper.) Wolf's next words hit me like Smokestack Lightinin'. He said, “Man, I got three shows tonight. Would you like to play piano?” Playing with Howlin' Wolf was the chance of a lifetime!

- From Rick's Best-Selling Book, F 'n' A!, My Crazy Life in Rock and Blues

Eddie Hover's review Apr 19, 16
it was amazing
Read on October 01, 2015

I have read the reviews of a couple of folks who would cast stones at the author and his work for personal vendetta . which I find distasteful considering the content of the work is music industry and personal journey as opposed to familial historic interactions.

I know that any who read this small tome will be gratified and enlightened.
I loved the book and whole heartedly recommend it to you all.

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