Masks have been a necessity in medical practitioners or other professional settings that need good sanitation during the working process. It just now that masks have been worn by everyone including us in different settings like grocery shops, and even at home.  

When the coronavirus struck the world with its disease and infection, everyone was forced to practice proper sanitation, social distance, and protection when going out or meeting with people. In this article, we will share with you why it is important to wear face masks and how to wear them properly.  

Why Do You Need to Wear a Mask? 

It protects other people if you have an infection – a lot of people tend to think that the primary use of masks is to protect themselves. It actually works in two ways. First, it protects you from other people‚Äôs infection and it also protects other people when you have the infection 

It is the easiest and most effective way of preventing the virus to infect you when someone sneezes or talks to you – masks are multilayered and each layer is provided with a special ability to filter pathogens, viruses, and prevent microscopic and airborne diseases to infect you. 

It can help the economy – it is admitted by all leaders that lockdowns significantly have hurt the economy as it decreases business activities and forced the consumers to stay at home. In fact, there are many big and small companies that have shut down, individuals who lost their jobs, and people who are suffering because of the pandemic. Wearing a mask might be a good substitute for lockdowns, where the city does not need to be forced to stay indoors, and it can continue to operate.  

There are a lot of different face masks including Australian face masks and others that are made in Asia or Europe. However, this is how you generally wear your face masks in an appropriate way. 

Do not forget to wash your hands with warm water and soap before touching the mask and your face  

Remove the mask from its box or dispenser and ensure that the mask does not have any tear or holes as damaged masks will render itself inefficient and ineffective.  

Make sure that you know which is the top and which is the front of the mask in order to wear it properly. The World Health Organization has released a statement in which they say that the blue color needs to be on the outer part while the white portion needs to be on the inside.  

Bend the metal on your nose part to fit your mask 

Pull the mask over the mouth and the chin 

When disposing of your mask, it is important that you dispose of it in a proper bin and wash your hands after taking it off. Remember that it is not advised to use or wear the mask twice or more. Surgical masks are disposal and need to be changed after every use.  

Wearing masks is advised by different international and national health departments and organizations. And this, alone, signifies the need to wear them wherever we go. So long as we follow what is told to us, we are eliminating more chances of infection.